User Agreement

Terms of use Solidus
With this "agreement" the user is bound by an electronic contract and it is legally binding between the "User" and the Solidus exchange platform which applies to the user's activity on the service using this website, as well as his functionality the services and its content. Also by registering and entering on our service or making use of any of its functions, a user acknowledges having read and understood and accepted in full as well as fully respecting this agreement with all its terms and conditions indicated below. The service also has the right to modify, add or remove parts of the contract at any time. The user agrees to monitor the changes made to this user agreement, furthermore continued use after making any changes indicates that the aforementioned user accepts and agrees with the changes therein. If the user does not agree with any of the clauses of this contract, he must immediately stop using the service.

- User: natural or legal person who uses the service, has accepted the terms of use and is the owner of an Account
- Account: means the personal profile of the User registered by him / her on the Service where he controls the Funds and the operations conducted with them.
- Commission: A commission charged by or on behalf of a third party (e.g. non-bank financial institution, payment service provider, etc.).
- Deposit: a transaction involving a transfer of funds to the account
- Withdrawal: a transaction that involves a transfer of funds from the user's account to any wallet or cryptocurrency platform.
- Delisting is the process of removing the Cryptocurrency from the Service.

2.1 Solidus is an online platform that offers online digital resources with the aim of giving all users of the service the opportunity to exchange cryptocurrencies with other users in accordance with the agreement Solidus grants the right to use the following services:
- access to the User's Account and Funds within the Service;
- access the Service to carry out the User's trading activity;
- access to the deposit and withdrawal of User Funds;
- access to information relating to the Service, exchange rates, open and closed orders, as well as other appropriate information published by the Service on its website and public channels.
2.2 The User acknowledges and accepts that SOLIDUS is an online digital resource Service and, when the User completes the Trading Transactions, negotiates with another User, excluding any possibility of considering SOLIDUS as a counterparty to any commercial action.

3.1 Solidus is committed to facilitating and guaranteeing effective transactions between Users
3.2 to receive cryptocurrencies from the User, keep them, keep a register, execute transactions and provide them to the User at his request
3.3 SOLIDUS undertakes to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal information sent to the Service and to update its security measures whenever possible.
3.4 A commission of will be applied to each trading and withdrawal operation
3.5 Trading operations are final and irrevocable
3.6 All funds, including cryptocurrency, deposited by the User in the User's account, will be held by the Service on his behalf.
3.7 Review all cryptocurrencies on the Service on a weekly basis to ensure they are all consistent with the SOLIDUS listing policy, reserving the right to remove any cryptocurrencies or markets from the Service in accordance with the cancellation policy.
3.8 To grant applicants with the age 18 y.o. and older access to register and fill in personal accounts

4.1 The User warrants that he will use the Service exclusively to carry out transactions in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement and that he has the right and the opportunity to operate on the Service.
4.2 The User undertakes not to use the Service for any type of illegal activity, including, but not limited to, money laundering, terrorist financing, or any type of operation that has a negative effect on the functioning of the Service.
4.3 The User accepts that the monitoring of newsfeeds, published in the appropriate section of the Site, or in social networks or other public accounts of the Service, is a mandatory condition for the use of the Service. The User agrees to assume sole responsibility for any loss of funds, incurred through negligence of the notifications or recommendations of the Service.
4.4 The User's personal e-mail, which was specified during registration for the Service, can be used by the Service administration to notify the User of the main events concerning his account (access, transactions, creation and comment of the ticket, etc.). You will be solely responsible for monitoring these notifications as well as any consequences, including any loss of funds, incurred by the negligence of the Service notifications.
4.5 The User understands the importance of keeping an account password, a secret word and a Google 2FA recovery code, it is he / she who determines the best way to save this data and takes steps to prevent it from being discredited.
4.6 The User accepts that the Service reserves the right to refuse to assist a User in his account recovery request if he is unable to provide sufficient evidence (new selfies and user identification photos, screenshots of personal wallets that The Support Center may deem it reasonable to request), of your account ownership.
4.7 The user accepts that SOLIDUS reserves the right to suspend the account in case of violations by the same user, to the detriment of the service itself or of other users. the account of this user can be frozen for life without the possibility of reimbursement and without the possibility of a recovery request.

5.1 The User acknowledges and agrees that the Service will not be liable for any of the User's losses caused by any of the following events, including but not limited to:
- Service failure or delay resulting from scheduled network maintenance (including increased announced maintenance period) or from external factors such as hardware and software failures, cyber attacks, natural disasters, ISP problems or government acts.
- Service failure or delay resulting from the activity or inactivity of cryptocurrency developers, as well as failure of their blockchains or other technical problems and events in their networks specific to the cryptocurrencies listed in the Service;
- Losses suffered by the User as a result of cyber attacks, compromised user accounts
- The User's lack of experience in cryptocurrency trading and any losses suffered in this respect;
- Delisting a cryptocurrency that has ceased to match the service listing policy;
- Withdraw funds outside the Service to an incorrect address or an address located on a blockchain other than that of the Service.
- Losses suffered by the User due to the loss of access to their account (including due to the loss of the Google 2FA recovery code).
- Losses suffered by the User as a result of his deposit of funds in his SOLIDUS account deriving from mining operations directly to his deposit address. - SOLIDUS does not guarantee 100% security of the Service and is not responsible for any loss of value.
- SOLIDUS will not be responsible for any consequences and losses suffered by the User as a result of the use or redirection to third party sites and its tools, which the User can access through the Site and / or the Service.

6.1 The market trading fee is calculated in accordance with the Exchange fee schedule as set out in the article "SOLIDUS Fees" on the Service website. The commission is charged only in case of order fulfillment. In case of cancellation of the order before its fulfillment, the commission is not charged.
6.2 The withdrawal fee is charged during the cryptocurrency withdrawal process to cover the network fee for the transition of funds within the blockchain network.
6.3 The Exchange reserves the right to change the rates of fees and commissions at any time in its sole discretion.

7.1 We hereby declare that SOLIDUS is not and will never be affiliated with any cryptocurrency developer team except the SLDS currency, which was developed and supported by the SOLIDUS team.
7.2 SOLIDUS is not responsible for the quality of the wallet software, the state of the cryptocurrency network and all other issues are the responsibility of the cryptocurrency developer team.
7.3 In order to prevent the loss of User funds, SOLIDUS reserves the right to suspend the work of cryptocurrency wallets for the following reasons:
- At the request of a cryptocurrency developer received via the official communication channel.
- If a cryptocurrency block explorer is not available.
- If a fork of a cryptocurrency is detected or reported by users in case of SOLIDUS an official notification has not been received from the developer team
- A cyber attack aimed at the theft of resources is detected.
- Violations of the terms of the SOLIDUS listing policy.

8.1 You warrant that you understand the general principles of Cryptocurrencies and Cryptocurrency trading and are aware of basic entities such as price volatility; fees and commissions, unsafe cryptocurrencies, etc. that affect the value of the asset and the related risks.
8.2 The placing of a first order by the User confirms his knowledge of the main commercial principles of the Service and of the terms indicated in this clause 1 Terms and definitions of this Agreement.