About Us

Solidus is a trading platform, our team has been working on the project since 2019. We are a centralized exchange platform which means that the wallets and their private keys are managed by the developers. We are a team of experienced people, over the years we have acquired excellent experience and knowledge of trading and we know the needs of our users.
We have created a platform like Solidus to meet all users from the most experienced to those who have recently entered the world of cryptocurrencies and for this reason we have created an intuitive platform, but equipped with all the necessary features for the most experienced traders. We have a wide choice of assets for trading, here on Solidus we not only offer classic cryptocurrencies but also niche Altcoins. As a platform we are always willing to cooperate fully with developers.
Our API has all the required documentation, we ensure maximum security and data protection and we keep our clients' personal data and funds safe. We have chosen to set our fees low to ensure that our taders make the most of them and we have decided not to limit either deposits or withdrawals. In addition, we have decided to share 60% of the profits through our investment program.
With Solidus you can not only choose to do trading but you can be part of us.
Our profit is your profit!