Crypto trading,
done right

SoliduS is built upon transparency and community feedback.  Our mission is to make it simple for the average person to trade or swap cryptocurrencies with 1 click.


What crypto exchanges should of been

SoliduS is an exchanged built from scratch, with a large emphasis on security, speed, and reliability. All our code has been audited for any security issues in addition to the extensive real-world testing conducted to ensure we've built something you can trust to put your funds in. We're fully transparent with our future plans and our development. We believe trust in earned, thus we do our best to deserve said trust from our userbase

Modern UI

When designing the user interface for SoliduS, we wanted to create a modern and intuitive interface. While most exchanges are still stuck in the 90s in terms of looks, we've managed to create something both beautiful, functional, and reliable

Highly secure

All your funds are secured on a highly-encrypted server using state-of-the-art technologies to ensure that the funds will still be there when you wake up. Even better, our platform is rigorously tested and audited by various third parties just to make sure.

Investment Plans

SoliduS offers an investment plan unrivaled by any other platform. Using smart redistribution technology, our investors can earn money from investing their coins for a selected amount of time. No complicated forms, just place your funds into the investing page, and we'll take care of the rest.

Unrivaled support

Need help with something? Worried about long wait times to reach an actual human who can take care of your issue? Then rest assure, our team over at SoliduS knows how stressful unexpected issues can be, and how much money your time is worth. For that very same reason, we've invested many resources into ensuring our support lines are always available to you as soon as possible. Enjoy less waiting, and more trading

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